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Plyometric Boxes (Set Of 4)

Plyometric Boxes (Set Of 4)
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  • Available in Set of 4.
  • Solid construction.
  • Heavy duty structural integrity
  • Built to take a pounding and help you expand your range of exercises and last a lifetime
  • Plyometric Boxes are extremely popular with Crossfit athletes and for good reason.
  • Plyometric Boxes allows you to load and contract muscle rapidly encouraging faster and stronger muscular contractions which will also increase your speed and agility.


30cm Box
    •  Height = 30cm
    •  Size of Top = 33cm x 33cm
    •  Size of Base = 38cm x 38cm
    •  Weight = 7kg

45cm Box
    •  Height = 45cm
    •  Size of Top = 36cm x 36cm
    •  Size of Base = 46cm x 46cm
    •  Weight = 9.5kg

60cm Box
    •  Height = 60cm
    •  Size of Top = 38cm x 38cm
    •  Size of Base = 53cm x 53cm
    •  Weight = 11.3kg

75cm Box
    •  Height = 75cm
    •  Size of Top = 41cm x 41cm
    •  Size of Base = 59cm x 59cm

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